The forward thinking and research oriented payment gateway.

Shockinflux is creating a new way of consumer banking to help automate and grow your online business with a stable and robust payment solution.


ShockInflux is suitably engineered to enable you to start paying or get paid in less than 10 minutes.
No more waiting in line at the bank or wherever to make or get payments - utterly digitalised to meet your payment style.

Zero Setup Fees

Enjoy fast setup and easy management for free. Set up your account for Zero fees and start receiving payment from your clients without delay. We provide technical support to facilitate your migration.

Easy Integration

With the help of other developers and designers we've been able to simplify setting up your account, with a couple of simple steps and Voilà! You are done. Try now.

Secure Global Payments

ShockInflux supports different currencies, making it easier to make payments. Our vault level security spam proof accounts so as to ensure the security of your personal details.
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Online Payments

We provide infinite possibilities for your business through our convenient Payment Solutions that will help launch your business to the top. Our solution provides a simplified payment experience for your customers by offering them a wide range of payment options to choose from.
Bank Account
E-Wallet (My ShockInflux)
We also offer our merchants a complete range of integrated services to accelerate their business growth. Start exploring our services

E-WALLET (My ShockInflux)

No need for antiquated cards and cash in your wallets, digital wallet is the future of payments, so say goodbye to heavy pockets.
Send / Receive Money without stress
Pay for bills and services
Top-up your E-Wallet whenever & wherever
Enjoy 24/7 Security
Whether you are a customer, or a merchant, making and accepting payments is now made easy with our Digital Wallet. Start exploring our services

Developer Friendly

We continually push technology boundaries because We believe that with elegant, responsive, interactive and well documented APIs, Integration will be easy both for small, robust and scalable projects. Start your integration and begin accepting payments in minutes.

Are you a merchant?

Start building your integration and accept your first payment in minutes. Set up is simple.

Are you a user?

No more holding extra notes and cards, open a E-Wallet account and begin managing your funds easily.